SAFE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT never loses sight of the customer’s specific needs: it pursues performance while always carefully considering, in every single activity, the balance between costs, risks and opportunities.  

That is why we adopt a daily analytical approach, strategically weightedand results-oriented, in all the investment policies proposed, which we then implement with one goal in mind: to obtain maximum performance with minimum risks. 

We accomplish this through a well-structured company composed of eleven people with complementary skills, able to satisfy the various requests and needs of our clients.

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•Fund Advisory

SCM grows and develops its professional expertise by including resources specialized in fixed income: the new team, together with an institutional third party (bank), starts its investment advisory activities regarding the bond portfolio. SCM also takes up the position of adviser for the task of bond picking for a Swiss asset manager.

•Advisory for bank standard managed accounts
An important international bank offers SCM the role of advisory on two managed account operating to benchmark.

SAFE ASSET MANAGEMENT SA becomes Galafin Suisse SA

The company SAFE ASSET MANAGEMENT SA changes its name to Galafin Suisse SA and becomes a holding, owner of a share in SCM.

•New operations office in Lugano, at Via Pelli 13B

The group’s organizational and corporate structure grows along with the number of employees. Accordingly, a new operations office is established in Via Pelli in Lugano.

•Advisory for standard managed account

SCM is granted the role of asset allocation advisor for two standard managed account by a new institutional entity (a UK-based FCA-regulated company), the delegated manager of the abovementioned lines.

•Authorization by the Regulatory Authority for the exercise of professional fiduciary activities

Having met the requirements of the Regulatory Authority concerning the exercise of fiduciary professional activities in the Republic of the Ticino Canton, SCM begins its asset management business with private clients.

•Establishment of SAM

SAFE ASSET MANAGEMENT is created as a consulting firm specializing in the research and selection of securities and investments.



The indipendent asset manager SCM is established in Lugano, Switzerland, and affiliates to the Self-regulatory Body of Fiduciaries of the Ticino Canton (Organismo di Autodisciplina dei Fiduciari del Cantone Ticino – OAD FCT) since the first year of its activities.
SCM supports private and institutional investors in the asset management of their own capital with advisory that is independent, professional, qualified and constantly updated; it provides personalized services based on the stated objectives of the clients, their needs and their risk profile.

•Fund Advisory

The first institutional subject entrusts SCM with providing consulting services on investments and asset allocation for the mutual fund sector with a flexible strategy.



With the objective of becoming the sole reference point for its own institutional, corporate and private clients regarding their investments, SAFE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT offers a wide range of services for asset management and advisory.

The professional assistance being offered is under constant development and updated accordingly to the regulatory developments in the European and international legal framework (in addition to the Swiss) relating to: financial brokers and market regulations, market infrastructure, the transparency and compliance of products and issuers, and credit and banking brokerage. 

Over the years, SAFE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT has invested considerable resources in the creation of a working group with specific expertise and a complementarity of perspectives on the financial markets. The team consists of 11 professionals, who have specialized knowledge and years of experience in consulting and advisory in the following areas:

  • Financial sector 

  • Corporate

  • Taxes 

  • Financial trust (registration to the Financial Trust Registry of the Ticino Canton)

  • Regulatory

  • Accounting

  • Wealth Management/Family Office.